Yes, we are licensed and carry a general liability insurance policy, as well as a worker’s compensation policy.
Soft Washing is a method where we use very low pressure (garden hose pressure) to wash the exterior surfaces of your home.
Yes, we use hot water. It helps remove the pollutants faster and better than cold water. When combined with our mix of cleaners, it really creates a “power combination” of cleaning!
If we need to use a higher pressure, then we proceed with caution. We use our years of experience and expertise to properly use higher pressures to clean. Keeping your investment looking good SAFELY is of highest priority.
No, we do the majority of our washing between 9AM and 5PM. This is probably when you are at work, right? Most of our customers are not home at the time of washing. Beach Washers is accredited through the Better Business Bureau and we work hard at earning every customer’s trust. We only accept payment after work is complete and you are totally satisfied!
Beach Washers accepts cash, check, and all major forms of credit cards.
Yes, please follow these instructions

• Close all windows and doors.
• Move vehicles from the driveway.
• Clear all furniture, potted plants, or any items from the areas being washed.
• Leave a gate open, allowing access around the whole house.
• If you share a side of your house with a neighbor, please obtain permission to enter their yard.
• Leave pets inside, put their water or food bowls inside, too.
We use a proprietary blend of cleaners, diluted with water while being applied. These cleaners will NOT harm vegetation planted in the ground. The only time there is a risk, is in potted plants. There is no room for it to dissipate, and the likelihood of the root absorbing it increases. We water all plants before and after washing, just to make sure they keep growing healthy!
It sounds like you have the infamous "artillery fungus". The artillery fungus is a white-rotting, wood-decay fungus that likes to live on moist landscape mulch. The artillery fungus is quite small – the fruiting bodies are about 1/10 of an inch across and are very hard to see in the mulch. What you are seeing is the fungus’ spore. They are called “artillery” because the spore can shoot up to 20ft from the fungus. There is no safe or proven method of removing them. Even when scrapped off individually, there is a stain left behind. Pressure washing WILL NOT remove them, trust us, we’ve tried! The only way to avoid an infestation is prevention. There is a lot of useful information to be found online. Please take the time to research some different methods of avoiding the fungus from infecting your home.